Nina Goryaeva, EVS volunteer from Republic of Kalmykia, Russia

Skupaj 123 ogledov.

Hello! I’m Nina, an EVS volunteer, and I come from Russia.

I think that my story is quite simple. But some people find me either brave or insane. I graduated from Law school and for 7 years I had been really focusing on my career.

I worked for a big well known company called Gazprom. From the outside I had everything: a good position and stable life. But nothing is as it seems; while it did bring me money, it didn’t make me happy. 

While working in this company (and even before), I started to develop interest in sustainability and conscious lifestyle. I wanted to dedicate my time to environmental issues, but I spent a lot of my energy at my current work.

Thinking of spending more time for what I was interested in, I decided to change my life and quit my job. It was hard to make this decision, because I decided to change stability into uncertainty.

My parents and friends had been shocked by the news. They couldn’t believe that I decided to quit my job and go to Slovenia to be a volunteer. Even though I was a little afraid of moving to another country for 8 months, I didn’t have a doubt that I was acting the right way.

The first month in Slovenia was both interesting and hard. I felt happy and lonely at the same time. I enjoyed new moments and adventures and missed home. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone and that is what any EVS project is about.

Now I’m in the middle of my EVS project and this is one of the greatest experiences I ever had in my life. Here I’m doing many things I had never done before. KNOF has a bunch of projects in its arsenal. All of them are about sustainability and that is what I eternally love and care about. My interest in zero-waste lifestyle just peaked right before I came to Slovenia. And here I’m now directly involved in promotion of our zero-waste products. I always wanted to be a part of DIY projects and give new life and value to old things – and here we go – I have all the possibilities to create something or at least give an idea.

This EVS project gives me working environment and many opportunities to prove to myself and to do what I wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t find the time for this. Here I can create endlessly and constantly invent something. I can be either a model for our second hand shop “Stara Sola”, which can rightly be called “boutique”, or a stylist, a photographer, or a promoter, sometimes a writer, or even a designer!

But the coolest thing about this project and about this organization actually, is that all your ideas will be supported and you will be provided with all the conditions for its implementation.

This project and KNOF is not only about sustainability. It’s primarily about social enterprise. Therefore, if you have a business idea, feel free to contact here, here you can certainly turn it into reality.

I’m sure that this experience will not have been in vain. I wanted to change my life. With the help of KNOF and this project I’m on the right course and impacting my smaller circles, but even a small drop creates an endless ripple of effect =)


Nina Goryaeva, EVS volunteer from Republic of Kalmykia, Russia

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