Aleksandra Mihhaltševskaja, ESC prostovoljka iz Estonije

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I am Aleksandra from Estonia.  I am participating in the European Solidarity Corps project: “Volunteer in Youth entrepreneur production YEP!“ coordinated by Zavod KNOF

I grew up in Tallinn. And have different work and volunteering experience. Being a volunteer is important part of my life and my impact for better society. I was looking for opportunities because I felt like it is time to make big reflection of myself and make decisions for my mindful future lifeway. And then I found these ESC project that was perfect combination of exploring myself, challenge, being useful, live abroad. Also it allow me to work on realisation of my idea. As some time ago I understood that I would like to realise my idea of social entreprise which finally shaped in my mind.

I am looking forward to new ideas and offers! Especially connected with environmental-friendly lifestyle, nature, vulnerable groups, people with special needs and social economy.

Feel free to contact with me via

Hope to hear from you soon! Bok! Se vidimo!

Aleksandra Mihhaltševskaja, ESC prostovoljka iz Estonije

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