European Solidarity Corps project: Volunteer in Youth entrepreneur production / YEP!

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We are looking for motivated volunteers with ecological and sustainability awareness and interest in at least one of the following fields:

  1. media promotion of conscious consuming and green living, multimedia, social media
  2. arts and crafts, fashion, textile
  3. creative engineering, webdesign.

Duration: 9 months. >>

We start with searching new volunteers after approwal of our project (presumably after 15.4.2020).

Useful links:

Summary of the former similar project
Acreditation of Zavod KNOF social enterprise
English description of KNOF

Presentation of town Sevnica and Krško and KNOF offices there.


We are situated in the small town of Sevnica, surrounded by beautiful nature, so the project is more suitable for nature lovers who don’t get easily bored and have a motivation to co-create the community of social economy of Posavje region and Slovenia. If you enjoy researching, writing articles, expressing your talents to help other people in the community, this is a +.

If you are creative and crafty, know multimedia, this is another +.

If you are open and prepared to try different things and work for a greater good, this is a ++. 🙂


The project will be implemented in the municipality of Krško and Sevnica, Posavje region, where the average unemployment rate is 11 %, the youth sector is very small and youth work is in stagnation.

Sevnica is in surface one of the largest municipalities in Slovenia, but has low population, in the municipality, there are 15.000 inhabitants, in town Sevnica, the population is 5.000. It is an industrial town and has a strong tendency to promote local production. From shoes, through salami, beer, and wine, to lingerie, the town has its own high-quality brands. Also, Sevnica is quite a closed environment, which nurtures traditional values because most of the municipality is rural.

Our organization is one of the few providers of international youth projects and EVS/ESC in the municipalities, so we consider to be a very important link in promoting European citizenship at the local level. Young foreigners bring freshness and a sense of European integration, which can give a new perspective to local youth on their own opportunities. By hosting EVS/ESC we want to promote the mobilities and other opportunities young people have today with the help of European and local support so that we can change local youth’s perspective and prove that even rural areas could be very creative and have potential to grow.

Hosting organization KNOF is a social company and a social incubator and is involved in the local community since 2007. Our organization has a vivid network with regional public and private organizations, NGO’s, youth centers, companies.

In Sevnica, despite the small size of the town, there are a lot of leisure activities available. Free outdoor fitness by river Sava, outdoor swimming pool, summer festival on the castle, hiking and cycling events. Posavje region has beautiful nature and good train connections to capital city Ljubljana or Zagreb (Croatia).

KNOF’s hub is located in another small town, Krško, which is 20 minutes from Sevnica. The organization has a second hand and design boutique  Stara šola, an office and a FabLab workroom (Stikalnik FabLab) in the town’s renovated market-place. There is also the bar and cultural center called Platz next to it, which organizes various cultural and entertainment events with the Student Club Sevnica, and is often partnering with our community members on several projects.

Volunteers are expected to live in an apartment in Sevnica just opposite the Platz so they will have the possibility to interact the most possible with local youth and become a determinative member of local youth community.

As an organisation with a lot of experiences with hosting volunteers in Sevnica, we made some upgrades in the project so we are ready to host disabled volonteers, more exactly volunteers with MS (Multiple sclerosis) diagnoses. The volunteers with MS we’ll be definately accepted and understanded so their possible disabilities will not affect their work.

Hosting organization KNOF is a social company and a social incubator and is involved in the local community since 2007. Our organization has a vivid network with regional public and private organizations, NGO’s, youth centers, companies.

The problems of the environment:

– Young people do not have specific experience, work experiences in many cases are concentrated to factory work, because of Sevnica’s industrial nature. After working a few years in the sector, young people get unmotivated. The challenge is to support them in finding their own strengths and help them with possibilities to get out of their comfort zone, to learn and to improve.

– Emigration of young and educated in the study centers, leaving behind low educated workforce or those who have not completed their education.

– High rates of suicide and apathy Source: Suicide in the region of Posavje: “For 17% higher than the average”.

– Distance from the highway.

– Manufacturing industry dominates, looking for a low-educated workforce, low paid.

– fragmentation, isolation of youth, cultural and other associations


–  Circular laboratory: playing in the sandbox for circular business ideas (old textile, furniture workshop, FabLab, hopefully soon shredder and extrusion machine for plastic), innovating, exploring, creating, prototyping and testing different ideas, products, services with positive environmental impact.

–    Social business incubator: help in shaping English translated website of organization KNOF, organizing community events like business related workshops, lectures – individually and in cooperation. Working on an individual social business idea – that the volunteer can test or realize in the hosting organization or at home in his country.

–    Stara Šola reuse stores (towns Krško, Sevnica, Brežice): helping in the reuse boutique (organizing, helping with decorations), styling, modeling, helping with promotion of the stores: working on campaigns to social media or to other surfaces, figure out activities that can help in promoting conscious consuming.

– KNOF PR section: volunteer can become a part of the PR section in KNOF, who is responsible for managing different media channels KNOF has, shaping campaigns about sustainability and circular economy, writing posts, making photos.

– #LIST, incubator for community and sustainability in Litija: occasional visits to another town where KNOF is participating in opening a local incubator for sustainability and community, together with a reuse boutique Litija

–    Disseminating activities: writing idea journal and self-evaluation, creating video/podcast/photo journal of sustainability.

–    Activities for promoting the ESC project and program – motivating young people, youth organizations in Sevnica to go abroad and be a ESC volunteer, multicultural night for local people.


    Photoshop course in graphic designing

– Social media marketing, marketing campaigns

–    Entrepreneur course – soft skills, product development, business model canvas, prototyping, pitching…

– Sewing course in Krško’ workshop

–    Sustainable living and building  – partner organization Zavod Veles

–    Stikalnik Fabrication Lab: makers space, technical workshops on CNC programming, 3d printing, laser engraving

–    Practicing meditation and spirituality; yoga, timbuilding classes

–    Slovene language course – Sevnica Youth Center 


The project was financed by Erasmus + programme EU.

European Solidarity Corps project: Volunteer in Youth entrepreneur production / YEP!