KNOF community

Skupaj 555 ogledov.

KNOF is a community which encourages sustainable development with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our mission is to co-create a self-sufficient, green and healthy region of Posavje, with supporting and encouraging new green jobs, also for vulnerable groups like handicapped and aged over 50 and young without work skills.

We are reaching towards our mission by offering an innovative supportive environment for business development, networking, and promotion.

Our programs are:

Our beginnings are rooted in the youth sector, so we are still quite close to creativity, dynamic and innovative thinking and active citizenship. We have been cooperating internationally first through the Youth in action program in 2007, from when on we partnered in several international youth exchanges in Turkey, Poland, Armenia. We also hosted 5 European Voluntary Service volunteers and are accredited to host EVS/ESC.
We also took part in a project “Prometheus” 2014-1-BG01-KA204-001560, which has been funded under European Commision, where we presented our social business incubator model.
In the name of inclusion and support, in 2018-2019 we are running a social activation project (SUNK) granted by the European Union for groups of long-term unemployed people. During the complex development program, we provide practical trainings on various topics from entrepreneurial initiatives, self-realization, career-coaching; through natural building, gardening, decorating and cosmetics; through multimedia, laser engraving, photography; to English and German language catch-up.
We are very actively partnering with Association Social Economy Slovenia that connects all social companies in the country and is also building a regional network for social economy in South-Eastern Europe. We are tending to be more and more active in building international connections in the field and we are expanding our network through fruitful cooperation with EU and non-EU countries’ organizations.


Our users say…

»I came to KNOF because I didn’t believe in what I was doing at my job.« Milena

»What attracted me was their creativity, faith in the good and in a different world.« Ksenija

»KNOF is a circle of development of individuals through their sustainable projects. KNOF is not a project, KNOF is a community.« Petra


Our achievements:
– Acquisition of the status “social enterprise”, third social enterprise registered in Slovenia (2012).
– We employed more than 65 people so far.
– More than 2500 people participated in our lectures and workshops about urban gardening, healthy life, social entrepreneurship, sales, computers from the year 2013.
– More than 300 people came for help in the social business incubator from 2013.


Regarding the opportunities for cooperation, please contact:

Name: Zavod KNOF – social company
Address: Kolodvorska 1, 8270 Krško
Erasmus+ PIC code: 946573143
Accredited for hosting EVS/ESC volunteers: Volunteering organisation information

Legal representative: Mojca Žganec Metelko, director
TEL: 00386 (0)51 309 063

International project coordinator: Linda Ozga

Facebook: KNOF Sevnica
Twitter: @zavod_knof
Skype: metelkova